Climbing a volcano, roaming the Earth — anything looks doable for the SCG Boot

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It’s the most daring off-roader we’ve heard of

SCG (Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus) is best known for its supercars but the American boutique car maker shows its versatility via the Boot, its latest creation.

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It's an off-road utilitarian that not only looks neat (just because it's highly practical, actually) but can also go where no other car can. Like on a volcano.

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Little is known about the SCG Boot (or his two-door brother Steve) — except the fact it runs a naturally-aspirated mid-mounted V8 engine mated to an automatic gearbox. It draws inspiration from the Baja and Paris-Dakar runners, and will have a 50-cm (20-inch) wheel travel; this car can jump! And also climb.


Actually, SCG wants to promote Boot's off-road capabilities by going up the 6,893-meter (22,615-foot) tall Ojos del Salado volcano in the Andes, an altitude no car has reached by its own, ever.

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While we're still wondering when would this happen, SCG dropped another bomb: it wants to send the Boot on an expedition from New York to Paris the other way around (E-W); this includes crossing the Pacific Ocean (through the Bering Strait, as motor1 found out). Beijing, Moscow, St. Petersburg are checkpoints on the Boot's daring itinerary.

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SCG is so confident in its off-roader that it invited "pretty much every automaker that builds an SUV to join them [the Boot explorers]." This extraordinarily long (and harsh) rally is set for 2020.

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If you're already convinced you do need a brand-new Boot in your life, have at least $100,000 send to SCG. Deliveries will start in 2019 or 2020.

via motor1