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Consumer Reports gives advice on keeping your car cool in summer

This is the kind of information you need right now, with the recent heat wave and all

Drivers living in hotter climates we’re sure have tried to use their cars on a scorching summer day, only to discover that the air inside is unbreathable and cranking up the climate control right away doesn’t really help that much at first.

In fact, according to this video posted by Consumer Reports, you’re better off just turning the fan on at first, opening your windows and getting the car moving as quickly as possible. They suggest that only after you’ve started moving should you turn the air-con compressor on, and even then you shouldn’t close all windows - they advise you leave the rears down for a little while longer just to let the hot air escape the cabin.

It’s all sound advice, we say, but we’d also add you should use a windshield sun shade at all times during the peak of summer. It not only protects your dash plastics, but also keeps steering wheel, shifter and other points where you may touch the car relatively cool and okay to handle right away.

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