Crown Jewels: McLaren MSO churns out 10 unique race-style 570S coupés

mclaren mso x 570s gt4-inspired front

This is like Pokémon for the rich: gotta catch ’em all!

Whatever comes out of McLaren MSO's front door is nothing short of special, but we're sure you knew that already. Usually, we're talking about one or two creations at most, yet this time, the magic number is ten.

Each bespoke Macca 570S draws inspiration from the race-ready 570S GT4, both in and out. More precise, they get a downforce-generous rear wing – yup, that's not just for show or vanity-boosting purposes – and a track-biased cockpit – while keeping their road-legal status. The cars were ordered by McLaren Newport Beach and will meet their new owners at a customer event near Las Vegas.

mclaren mso x 570s gt4-inspired 9

Right, back to the cars' quirks. Each rear wing provides near 100 kilos of downforce and the roof snorkel – McLaren aficionados might know this as the "goose neck" first seen on the F1 GTR Longtail – optimizes the airflow for a more enhanced cabin experience.

mclaren mso x 570s gt4-inspired 3

Carbon fiber is present all around on the outside, including the roof, hood, engine cover and rear bumper, but also on the inside, whether it's the exposed Monocell 2 chassis or the bucket seats and the storage space that holds a racing helmet.

mclaren mso x 570s gt4-inspired 1

Needless to say, they're all sold out.

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