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Curious how good the Ferrari GTC4Lusso is? Just ask Chris Harris

He's got quite the expertise when it comes to family-friendly Ferraris

Although the GTC4Lusso is very different from its predecessor — especially from a nomenclatural point of view — it is actually just an upgraded FF. 

And when it comes to the FF, no journo knows more about it than Chris Harris, who happened to live with one for about 7.000 miles (or 11,200 kilometers). 

So what Mr. Harris has to say about the 200k+ family-friendly Ferrari? Well, despite its outrageously expensive extras (such as a glass roof that costs as much as an entry-level Renault Clio) it’s better than the FF in any other aspect, from performance to GT character to infotainment gimmicks. 

We’re not going to spoil it all for you now, so we invite you to sit back and enjoy the video. 

If you think his opinion is biased (for obvious reasons), here's what Jason Camissa thinks of it

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