Dad Yanks Out Son’s Tooth Using an Unsophisticated but Highly Effective Instrument: a Corvette C6 Z06

For reference, the C6 Z06 packs a 7.0-liter V8 with 505 hp

Some dads sure know how to make the dreaded pulling of teeth fun and instead of tying the tooth to a door knob, they do stuff like this. Sure, a seven-liter V8 is overkill to extract a tooth, but it certainly got this dad noticed.

The unpleasantness of the whole deal was surely attenuated by the presence of the Corvette, hopefully turning what could otherwise have been a traumatic event into a memorable moment… and entertainment for the internet masses.

The kid in the Instagram video hardly even flinches and as soon as the tooth comes out, you can see the shock followed by relief on his face. A truly memorable family moment shared and enjoyed with the rest of the world.