Dangerous high-speed chase put to an end by smart trucker

Car chase

Never mess with a good-willing trucker

A high-speed chase could have ended in a tragedy if a smart Good Samaritan wouldn't have intervened.

Two guys in a BMW fueled their car and then drove off without paying. It wasn't the first time they did this, but this time, police got involved. It all happened at the petrol station in the Třinec district of Ropice, Czechia, last month, and now the dramatic footage made its way on the internet.

The Polish driver and his passenger made a ran for it, but a police car intervened and started a high-speed chase that stretched for several miles. Usually, European policemen don't engage in dangerous chases when a theft is involved, because the runaway driver can make things much more dangerous for everybody else – as you can see in the video below.

But the Czech police thought, for some reason, that slaloming through traffic while pursuing the mad BMW driver is the better option. You can see that on at least three occasions the driver made some really dangerous moves, forcing oncoming cars to get out of his way. As the chase approached the city of Karvina, a good-willing trucker decided to help the hapless police and end the BMW's wild run, even as the mad driver made a move towards a policeman on the scene. The two got arrested and will probably think again before stealing from a Czech petrol station again.

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