Dartz Mocks Common Sense With a New Creation: the Black Alligator

It comes with an Anti-Paparazzi feature

Do you remember Dartz? The Latvian armored cars maker shocked us six years ago with Mercedes-Benz GL-based Prombron, an SUV featuring, among other ultra-exquisite materials, whale penis foreskin. In the end, they dropped the whale penis thing, but that didn’t make the car less out-of-this-world. At €1,000,000 the Prombron would have been equipped with mostly anything a client could want.

The same politics applies to Dartz’s new creation, the Black Alligator. So don’t let the name restrict your imagination regarding the materials used for the interior: the Black Alligator’s cabin can be adorned in stingray, crocodile, python, alligator, ostrich, shark or sheep leather. But again: don’t let that list tell you what you want! If you have a suggestion, you just need to express your desire the Dartz people what you want. It’s your (outrageous amount of) money, in the end.

As the press release tells, “Every car is tailor made to the last detail, even the craziest request. One customer wants a militarized car, other the absolute excess in luxury by having an alligator/stingray steering wheel with 292 black diamonds and two rubies on a white gold steering wheel badge.” See? Anything is possible.

Regardless your leather-related fetishist desires for the cabin are, Dartz will throw in something extra, such as the Anti-Paparazzi system, described as an array of sensors that can detect infra-red signals from cameras. So if the car “senses” that it’s being photographed, it will “respond” with strobe lights.

And don’t get fooled by the Jeep Grand Cherokee headlights: under Black Alligator’s thick skin sits a 585 hp Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S soul. If you want it to remain untouched, it will. But if you want some extra juice from the 5.5-liter V8 unit, you can choose from different tuning packages: 760 hp, 850 hp, 1,100 hp or 1,600 hp (and 1,500 Nm/1,106 lb-ft of torque).

No words on pricing, but again, when it comes to money-fed opulence, Dartz has no limits. For things to work, your wallet should have the same attribute.

via Jalopnik