Digital photo manipulator envisions a Porsche 918 shooting brake

Don’t dismiss it after just reading the headline, as it’s kind of cool looking

It’s very unlikely that anybody who owns a Porsche 918 hybrid hypercar would want to chop up its carefully crafted body in order to change it, but that’s why photo manipulators’ work is so popular these days – it covers all the what ifs you thought about and some which you didn’t think about.

Looking at this nicely executed 918 wagon rendering, it’s not that hard to imagine what it would be good for. Think about it – it’s an all-wheel drive, hybrid vehicle with more than enough power to haul a few bags around. The only problem is in standard form it has hardly any luggage room – it can only carry a measly 40 liters volume…

That’s why this wagon makes sense, as you could take this hypothetical shooting brake 918 on much longer road trips – heck, looking at how much room it’d have, you could go camping in it, but somewhere flat as the ground clearance wouldn’t be changed in this instance.

via YasidDESIGN