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Dodge Demon meets EBR 1190 SX superfighter in a half-mile top speed run

Believe it or not, the Demon wins

Since its launch, the Dodge Demon is picking on various drag strip potential rivals, but in this particular case, it’s not even one of the same species. 

Dodge Demon is the kind of car anyone would want in the garage. It’s very good looking, it has heritage, and also some 840-hp that once sent to the rear wheels they push so hard the front hops in the air. 

The EBR 1190 SX motorcycle is not necessarily the Demon’s two-wheel counterpart. It’s not a big and stupidly powerful machine but rather a “superfighter:” an agile and ferociously fast bike. How fast? Well, this clip has the answer.

Yes, exactly, the bike got there faster but this 1/2-mile race was about the higher trap speed — and the Demon won by a mere two-mile margin. 

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via The Bay Area Racing YT

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