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Drag race: Tesla Model S P100D Ludicrous against 651-hp Ferrari FF

Does the Ferrari stand any chance? Who cares - just hear it roaring!

Today's drag and rolling start race involves two cars that look close on paper, but couldn't be more different. 

In the right corner, the Ferrari FF: 6.5-liter V12, 651 hp, 504 ft-lb (683 Nm) of torque, upgraded with some exquisite ANKRY wheels and an iPE exhaust that sounds like an angry God. 4x4 traction, launch control included.

In the left corner, the Tesla Model S P100D: two electric motors, 588 hp, 920 ft-lb (1250 Nm) of torque, Ludicrous mode enabled. No sound whatsoever, except what you hear from the tire friction. It's also 226 kg heavier than the Ferrari FF, so not only it has 63 hp less, it's also dragged down by its weight.

You can compare all their specs here. So, who's the winner? Watch the video below, but also decide with the heart, not with the mind, OK? :)

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