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Drag race: Tesla Model X vs 800-hp Lamborghini Huracan. Who wins?

The things an electric SUV can do these days...

Drag racing against a Tesla S P100D is, most of the time, a waste of time, as repeatedly shown by the guys at DragTimes: you lose! But what about a Tesla Model X?

What can an SUV do when raced against an 800-hp VF-Supercharged Lamborghini Huracan? Usually, nothing, even if it's a Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT, dubbed the world's fastest SUV.

Still, what about a Tesla Model X P100D? Don't laugh; it has 762 hp and a whopping 705 ft-lb (967 Nm) of torque, instantly available. It's also a 2.4-ton vehicle, and, while its aerodynamic coefficient is an amazing 0.24, it still has a lot of air to push around it when speeding. Here's what it can do while racing a less powerful supercar. While towing another supercar.

Racing video part 2

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Well, without further ado, here's the race (it starts at the 5:00 mark, if you don't care about the Tesla Roadster intro and the pre-race chat between the two drivers):

Yeah, an impressive start for the Model X, isn't it? Still, what would you choose? The Lambo or the S P100D?

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