Drift King Drives Renault Megane RS, Beats Honda Civic Type R in Touge Battle

The definitive head to head review to end the debate in regards to which is faster

Touge is the Japanese word for mountain pass, which is where the Renault Megane RS and Honda Civic Type R FK2 were tested. They were driven by none other than professional race car driver, Keiichi Tsuchiya, who is known locally and around the world as the Drift King.

When Tsuchiya drives a car, he doesn’t doddle about and wrings every last drop of performance it has to offer. His videos for the Hot Version show always feature him driving some sort of stock or modified car at the very limit of grip, constantly sawing at the wheel to keep things pointing in the right direction.

Renault isn’t present on the Japanese market, but they did get their hands on the Megane RS Trophy, the lightest, most focused and most powerful of its kind in order to challenge the mighty FK2 Type R.

Interestingly, the Civic proved slower than the Megane, but we won’t say by how much; watch the video and see for yourself.