Drive Tribe takes a spoonful of motorsport history in the legendary Ford GT40 Mk II

This bad boy beat Ferrari to take the number 1, and 3 spots at 1966 LeMans

Besides being powered by a monster 7.0-liter NASCAR-donated engine, the Ford GT40 Mk II will always be remembered as the car that silenced the Prancing Horse at in LeMans by owning the podium despite its underdog status.

Today, owning a GT40 Mk II comes close to impossible unless your name starts with 'Museum.' However, you can go for a re-creation signed by Superformance.

Besides the Mk II, they can also deliver the GT40 Mk I, in right-hand or left-hand drive config. In fact, their work is so accurate that 60 percent of the rolling chassis' parts are interchangeable with those of an original model.


Furthermore, while the standard features list can make anyone's eye glow in awe - thanks to goodies like the vented brakes with Wilwood calipers and various liveries, Superformance can add at your request, of course, a center engine scoop, a bolt-on adjustable spoiler and the option of dropping in a big block or a small block engine.

Now, there's no point in us describing the video for you, but we do believe it's the best kind of advertising the Superformance GT40 can get.

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