Elon Musk Describes Second Stage of the Tesla Master Plan

They’re planning to be more present in your home, but also in the commercial vehicle and public transit sectors too

The first stage of Tesla’s Master Plan saw the creation a low-volume electric sports car, then an expensive luxury sedan, then an SUV and finally a more affordable sedan. It seems quite straightforward, as the money from one kind of financed the other.

Now that the Model 3 has concluded Part One of the plan, Tesla boss Elon Musk has announced the second stage, and while it shares some similarities with the previous iteration, it’s set to take the company in many new directions.

Firstly, Tesla will reaffirm its commitment to its goal of making solar power available ‘to the masses,’ a goal it believes people have overlooked even though it was one of the company’s points of focus from the very start. This ambition will spawn an integrated energy generation and storage system described by Musk as “a smoothly integrated and beautiful solar-roof-with-battery product that just works.”

The brand also wants to “expand to cover all major forms of terrestrial transport.” Basically, this means Tesla’s next model after the Model 3 will be a compact SUV, which in turn will be followed by “a new kind of pickup.”

On top of regular passenger vehicles, Tesla will also attempt to break into the commercial transportation market, with both heavy-duty trucks as well as a form of “high passenger density urban transport” which we presume is just a fancy way to say electric bus.

Apparently, both the Tesla Semi truck and the bus are already in early stages of development and they’re both going to feature some form of self-driving tech.

Finally, the last thing Musk mentioned in his blog post about ‘Part Deux,’ is that Tesla owners of the not too distant future will be able to add their cars to what is currently called the “Tesla shared fleet,” which basically will make their car available for others to use. Musk says this will enable owners to allow the car to make money for them.

rendering by Teophilus Chin