Ever Wondered What “Suck, Squeeze, Bang, Blow” Actually Looks Like?

It explains an engine’s inner working better than any textbook ever could

If whatever goes on inside an engine’s cylinder is not clear to you, and you don’t like unrealistic animations and just plain explanations, then have a peek at this video.

Made by Warped Perception, it shows an engine whose head has been removed and replaced with one made out of see-through acrylic. The engine itself is a small under Briggs and Stratton 50cc four-stroke, usually running a lawn mower, chainsaw or small compressor.

The pint-sized unit was shot in slow motion and UHD in oder to illustrate its inner workings. This video excellently show the suck, squeeze, bang and blow cycle that we know four strokes work on, and you can actually see the fuel pouring into the cylinder through the valve, the way it’s compressed by the piston, how it’s ignited by the spark plug and how it’s all spewed out through the exhaust valve.