Experience the 1920s with 360-degree “historical test drive” through old Prague


See Prague from the driver’s seat of an old Laurin & Klement Skoda 110

Skoda has made a rather charming 360-degree video that tries to take you back to a time when cars were still trying to rid themselves of being called horseless carriages – it also wants to remind you it’s one of the world’s first automakers.

The video is digitally enhanced and modified to fit the era’s style and to also make you feel like you’re actually in the driver’s seat of the Laurin & Klement Skoda 110 (model built between 1925 – 1929.

With many automotive videos these days, the 360-degree feature is usually pointlessly added in as you don’t really want to look anywhere else but straight ahead. However, in this video, there’s action all around you and moving the view around is worth it – you may even have to watch it several times to take in all of the detail.

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