Ferrari F12tdf Makes for an Intense Track Workout, According to Chris Harris

It’s mostly due to it having 40 extra horsepower and what Ferrari calls Virtual Short Wheelbase

Chris Harris may have migrated to Top Gear, but he’s still the same drifting hooligan we’ve come to love, and whenever he gets his hands on something frisky like a Ferrari F12 tdf, then you know he’s going to have an opinion about it… a strong one.

Ferrari itself has explained the tdf’s role as a more fun-oriented (and obviously faster) version of the regular F12, it an already fun-oriented and very fast two-door. Aside from the extra power (up to 770 hp from 730 hp), it sheds 110 kilos of weight and comes with unique exterior trim bits that give it a more race car-esque look.

Harris is also quite pleased by (and slightly frightened of) the tdf’s Virtual Short Wheelbase, Ferrari’s fancy way of calling the rear-wheel steer system. The official name is revealing as to what the system does to the handling characteristics, meaning the car feels more nimble and controllable.

However, the regular F12 was also nimble and highly controllable, especially if you turned the electronic aids off. See what happens when you do the same in this official Top Gear video (the one in this article is only a preview of the full video).