Ferrari Reveals One-Off 458 MM Speciale

You can get one too, if you write Ferrari a blank check, that is

If the now-defunct 458 Speciale isn’t… special enough for you, it seems you can get Ferrari to make you something one step up from that. Granted, you need to support your desire with cash, and probably lots of it, because what you’re basically asking for is something custom made in-house, by Ferrari itself.

The 458 MM Speciale is the result, a one off specially ordered by an unnamed collector. Looking at the MM and regular Speciale side by side, you start to notice the former has very different bodywork.

It has all sorts of extra (carbon) bits added on, different front and rear lights, as well as a different B-pillar that’s complimented by the blacked out A-pillar up front.

The engine and drivetrain is left untouched, so you get the same 605 hp as the standard Speciale.

No word on how much was paid for it to be created, but scrolling through the photos, we’re thankful somebody commissioned it, because that in itself is a treat.