Fiat-Chrysler Model Lineup to Get Extensive Refresh for 2017

Dodge Dart is gone, 707 hp Grand Cherokee still happening

Since the beginning of this year, Dodge Dart and Chrysler 200 seemed to have their fate sealed by Mr. Marchionne, who said that Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) is discussing partnership opportunities with whoever would be interested in producing these models.

It didn't come as such a surprise, given their low sales figures, confirmed by mid-2016 reports: FCA holds 16,056 Darts and 27,194 200s in its inventory.

What's surprising instead is the fact the 200 is not leaving the family yet, as the latest FCA announcement indicates.

It will undergo some changes, though. Its trim list will be simplified (from seven to five), and the new Dark Appearance Package will bring 18-inch gloss-black rims, gloss-black exterior trim, black everything on the 200 Touring.

In other news regarding the 2017 refresh, Dodge Journey and Dodge Grand Caravan will have their V6-equipped trim indicated by the "GT" moniker (instead of "R/T", now reserved only for the performance models), with Grand Caravan dropping two of its six trim offerings.

Also happening as of 2017: the Fiat 500L will only get a six-speed automatic transmission (so no more manuals) and an Urbana Appearance Package (meaning more black accents) while the Wrangler will receive LED headlights – standard on Sahara and Rubicon, optional on Sport and Sport S.

Oh, and Jeep's Grand Cherokee SRT will get a facelift, just to take our minds off the upcoming Trackhawk. The 707 hp Grand Cherokee will be ready to make the Earth spin faster from 2018 on – although will most probably make its debut next year.

via motor1