First-gen Honda Insight gets rear-mounted six-pot for autocross

It’s basically just a gutted Insight shell with Subaru boxer in the back

Before you go out and accuse the people who created this rather unfinished looking Honda Insight for autocross, you need to know the car they used was already damaged. They then proceeded to completely strip everything off the shell and fitted it with new suspension, new steering and, well, nothing else.

It has no glass, no interior whatsoever and it looks like a rather loud and raucous thing to try to drive. As for the bits it uses, well, it has steering from a Miata, front suspension from a Ford Crown Vic (with the springs from a Hayabusa motorbike) and the horizontally-opposed heart is out of Subaru SVX. Rear suspension looks like a custom fabrication job and is of the pushrod variety.

Driving it is a slightly scary experience not necessarily because of the performance (although it is a fast car), but more to do with the rocks that are flying everywhere and that steering wheel that wobbles so much it looks like it will come off in the driver’s hands.