First impressions of new BMW X2 say it’s great to look at and drive

Courtesy of the X2’s international launch drives in Portugal

BMW X2 is designed to be a sportier driving and looking version of the X1 crossover, as with all even-numbered models in the Bavarian automaker’s roster.

Press drives of the all-new crossover are currently underway in Portugal, and first impressions of the model are now coming in and everybody seems to really like it.

Design-wise, it’s certainly sportier looking than the X1 which is obviously designed to maximize interior space (which it does). The X2 looks like a tall premium hatchback with only mild off-road capabilities - it’s a strictly on-road kind of vehicle.

But it does the on-road thing rather well, according to these videos by AutoExpress and Autogefühl and it not only looks like a hatchback, but drives similarly to one, as well.

The X2 is undeniably going to be a popular choice in this crossover-hungry global market, nailing looks and driving dynamics in one swoop. Pricing has yet to be announced, though, and it will affect how recommendable the X2 ends up being.

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