First New Top Gear Season Trailer Is Live

It could be good, this one

While the first season of the reborn Top Gear show, starring Chris Evans, may have been kind of a flop that resulted in the firing of the main presenter, season two promises to be quite different. It features a revised cast of hosts that is good enough to raise hopes and they can’t but have learnt from the previous season’s mistakes, so forgive us for being hopeful.

The short trailer previewing the all-new season, expected to debut in early 2017, shows the three reshuffled presenters, Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris and Rory Reid doing a drag race with unlikely cars without touching the steering wheel.

The trailer is really short and we’re not really shown much, but the presenters do immediately crash into one another, so that somehow promises to set the tone for the entire season. Additionally, the three presenters’ chemistry seems immediately better than before, and this hopefully will translate into a more natural and more watchable show.