First reviews for the 2018 Mercedes X-Class are in

They’re all from the vehicle’s official launch in Chile

Mercedes X-Class is the first mass market pickup to bear a premium badge, so it can’t really be judged against its rivals - the only vehicle that comes close to its quality feel and comfortable, quiet interior is the VW Amaroq, but the Mercedes still wins out on refinement and it’s genuinely good at carrying things.

While it may be based on Nissan Navara underpinnings (and it’s even built in the same factory) it uses wider tracks both front and rear and this improves its on-road manners but also means it can carry wider items in the bed.

Its four-cylinder engines (the only ones currently available) are all sourced from Nissan and offer the same performance numbers. However, Mercedes has gone to great lengths to reduce noise, vibration and harshness in the cabin and according to reviewers they’ve succeeded.

It also feels that much more planted than most rivals and its suspension is class leading in terms of suppleness. Nobody’s taken it off-road yet, though, but it would be nice to see it tested on something other than smooth tarmac.

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