Ford Fiesta ST Performance Edition is an UK-only affair


600 units are to be assembled

Ford is spoiling UK customers with a special edition Fiesta ST that goes by the name of Performance Edition.

Don’t be tricked by the name, though, because although it is based on the ST-3 trim, the Fiesta ST Performance Edition isn’t about more power.


Ford, however, took the time to fit it with ten-spoke 18-inch alloy wheels – said to weight 7 kg less than the standard wheel set – and a new coilover suspension with Performance Blue springs.


As a result, the ST Performance Edition sits 15 mm closer to the ground (up front) and 10 mm at the rear. It has also “been extensively tested at the Nürburgring Nordschleife by Ford Performance engineers.


Other standard features include LED headlights, a B&O audio setup, Quaife limited-slip differential and launch control.


Ford says the Performance Edition spec will be at least £3,000 more expensive than the ST-3 price list.