Ford GT Goes Wind Tunnel Testing

The already sold-out Blue Oval supercar enters its final stage of pre-production verification. The current stage: aerodynamics

When you’re in the supercar-making industry, the priorities change a bit compared to mass-production schemes. You need to make that engine more powerful. You need to lighten the car as much as possible. And you need to get that aero done as neat it can physically be done.

The most wanted Ford in the history (judging by how fast it sold out) boasts a turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 with 600+ horsepower and some 540lb-ft of torque (730 Newton-meters), enough for the GT to act like a beast when it comes to power display. About the weight — we didn’t even reach the speculation phase, as the Ford people are keen to keep their lips sealed until the car enters production. But rest assured; giving the fact Ford abused the CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastic) for the monocoque, it’s going to be light all right.

And then there’s the aero. For the car to stay on the road no matter how much you flirt with the laws of physics, Ford called to some technological gimmicks: the lower front fascia can act as a front spoiler (to keep the nose of the car on the ground) and the adaptive rear wing can dance in the wind to nail that Angry Birds inspired rear to the ground. Oh, and to act as an aero brake when hard braking is needed.