Ford is recalling its GT supercars over fire risk

There’s a problem with hydraulic fluid leaking onto the exhaust

Just like any other supercar, the Ford GT is a complex piece of engineering and as it’s usually the case, such intricate systems are not fault-free.

Road and Track reports that following a Ford GT that caught fire and burned entirely back in June (it happened in Germany), the cause was finally identified, which triggered Ford’s recall.

By the looks of it, the fire started after a valve in the rear wing hydraulics setup malfunctioned, allowing liquid to reach the hot exhaust, thus ignite and eventually burn down the whole car.

As you might recall, Ford’s GT makes use of five driving modes that adjust the suspension height and rear wing position in a blink, to respond to the driver’s demands.

The same outlet cites a report from Car and Driver, saying 194 Ford GT supercars have been diagnosed with this issue. Out of these, 176 belong to US-based owners.

As a solution, Ford has offered to “install hydraulic check valves, hydraulic fluid filters, as well as all applicable O-rings to cars that don’t already have them equipped.” A software update is also included in the fix.

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