Ford makes its Focus hot hatches hotter for 2017 SEMA Show


The automaker previews four custom concepts based on the Focus ST and Focus RS

Ford will bring four different tuning concepts based on the Focus ST and Focus RS at this year's SEMA Show in Las Vegas, with the hot hatches being just a small part of the automaker's more than 50 vehicles on display.

A Focus ST that doubles as a landing pad for drones


This Focus ST-based custom concept will strive to get attention thanks to its striking Midnight Purple paint, widebody fender flares, and massive rear wing. It even comes with a roof-mounted drone helipad, for heaven's sake.

Performance-wise, it gets a FullRace Turbo kit that's said to improve the 2.0-liter turbo's response and output while rendering turbo lag "non-existent." The concept also features an array of Ford Performance accessories such as the exhaust, short throw shifter, and illuminated door sill plates. The long list of modifications also includes an Airlift Performance air suspension for that stanced look.

Ford Focus RS "TriAthlete"


Moving on to the Focus RS builds, the concept called "TriAthlete" banks on performance, packing upgrades such as an Air Lift suspension, cat-back exhaust, and a dual port blow-off valve said to reduce turbo lag — does Ford think its Focus ST and RS have this problem?

Looks-wise, the souped-up Focus RS wears a sinister matte black paint finish, custom airbrush art, and lightweight carbon fiber bits.

The street-smart Focus RS


Showcasing an Axalta Pennzoil yellow paint, Anderson Composite carbon fiber body accessories, white 19-inch alloys, and a lowrider look thanks to the BC Racing coilovers, this Focus RS custom concept is the most street-smart of all four tuned Focus models.

The interior is kitted with Ford Performance carbon fiber, and the performance part hasn't been neglected either: the car features a FullRace intercooler, piping, and intake, as well as a Ford Performance exhaust. The custom Focus also gained upgraded wheels, tires, brakes, and suspension for "increased feedback and sharper steering response."

Focus RS Rally Revival


There's no mystery with this final concept: it gives the Focus RS rally car looks as well as performance parts. There's an RS-R Sports-i coilover suspension that's said to improve ride quality and comfort, as well as a Ford Performance short throw shifter.

That's not all. The engine features a Mountune high-flow Induction kit and full intercooler upgrade, a Ford Performance cat-back exhaust, Eibach front and rear sway bars, and more. The car rides on OZ Superturismo GT 19-inch wheels and features a roll cage, Sparco EVO race seats, and HPI four-point harnesses, among other rally-inspired parts.

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