Ford Mustang Raptor rendering is here to trigger mixed feelings

We honestly don’t know how to feel about it

This rendering of a so-called Ford Mustang Raptor is pretty much what would result from a marriage between the Ford Mustang and the F-150 Raptor.

Don’t get us wrong, we love both of them for exactly what they are, but not to an extent that involves crossbreeding. 

No sir, a sports car must remain a sports car and a truck must stay a truck - even if the F-150 Raptor is not your run of-the-mill pickup.

Coming back to X-Tomi’s rendering displayed above, we can definitely think of some applications for the contraption. 

I mean, a sort of Baja-spec racer that retains the Raptor’s ruggedness and the shape of the Mustang could potentially be a mean, fast dust-raising machine. Heck, it could even compete in the Dakar Rally, of course, when tweaked properly.

But enough with churning out scenarios, have a close look at the rendering and let us know if it’s a yea or a nay.

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