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From the '94 RS2 to the 2012 RS6, here's Audi's fast estates history

The fast estates' folly started here

Seeing an angrily looking, super-powerful estate is not unusual. It’s hard to pinpoint the moment where a 600 hp Avant is rendered as “normal” but my guess is when the likes of BMW X6 M or Mercedes ML63 AMG were born. 

That doesn’t mean, however, that the Audi’s RS isn't worth our attention; on the contrary — we should see them as bold attempts to combine two very differently shaped worlds: practicality, and performance.

So here are six videos by Carfection that tell the story of how Audi and Porsche created a beautiful trend: fast estates. We admit that we'd chose one of these featherweight pieces of engineering at any given moment but that doesn't mean we don't fantasize about any of the four-circle-badged super-estates featured below. Plus the RS5 Coupé, of course.

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