GAC GS7 SUV Debuts in Detroit with Global Ambitions

It’s big, brash and actually quite modern

If you thought the new GMC Terrain had the most striking SUV face at the Detroit auto show, may we then introduce the Chinese-made GAC GS7 by Trumpchi to challenge the GMC for that distinction.

It’s not the prettiest thing out there, but its maker Trumpchi has done a good job and it genuinely does have design presence and personality, as well as a downsized turbocharged 2.0-liter engine to keep things modern.

Its power figure is not mentioned, though, yet the automaker does specify that it cracks the 0-100 km/h sprint in 9.5 seconds. The five-seater GS7 is the smaller brother of the GS8, basically the same vehicle but longer and with seating for seven.

GAC also brought the smaller GS4 production crossover and the electric GS3, a concept whose claimed range is around 310 km / 192 miles. The final vehicle to be featured at the GAC stand is the coupe-like ENspirit crossover concept, one that looks inspired by the likes of the BMW X4 or Mercedes GLC Coupe.