Game of Figures: 2019 McLaren Senna

mclaren senna front

Another one adds up to the hypercars galore

Episode 3 of our Game of Figures series features the mighty (for now on paper) McLaren Senna.

mclaren senna

When one names their top dog hypercar after a Formula 1 champion considered by many one of the greatest drivers – if not THE greatest – to honor this motorsport discipline, expectations are overwhelming.

That’s why we think it’s imperative to break down the new McLaren Senna by the numbers just to get a broader sense of what Woking pulled off here.

0 – the number of buttons, switches or knobs found on the steering wheel.

2 – One McLaren Senna unit raised £2 million on behalf of the Senna Institute. The money will be spent to help underprivileged children and youngsters in Brazil.

mclaren senna 3

4 – The V8 animating the Macca Senna displaces four liters, and it’s the most powerful internal combustion engine ever to be found inside a McLaren.

500 – The number of Senna units McLaren will assemble. Don’t bother, they’re all sold out, in spite of the £750,000 price tag.

668 – A power-to-weight ratio of 668 PS/ton determined McLaren to advertise “savage performance” when describing its latest hypercar.

800 – Churning out 800 PS (789 bhp), McLaren’s Senna hypercar is a direct shot at Aston Martin’s Valkyrie.

mclaren senna 1

1,198 – Expressed in kilograms (2,641 lb.), the dry weight (without fluids) of McLaren’s Senna, which becomes the brand’s lightest road-legal model since the legendary McLaren F1.

1,219 mm – The rear wing’s highest point from the road – attained when the car is stationary. Its surface area is 6,500 cm2.

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