Geely buys Lotus which may now fettle Volvo Polestar suspensions

This could be a major win for sporty side of the Chinese-owned Swedish brand

China’s Geely has just purchased a major stake (49.9 percent) of the automaker Proton which in turn owns Lotus. Along with its shares in the Malaysian company, Geely (which also owns Volvo) has also acquired a controlling 51 percent stake in Lotus.

This takeover obviously now begs the question whether or not Lotus will be employed to help develop future Volvo Polestar performance models. It probably will, according to Roger Wallgren, principal engineer of vehicle dynamics for the new XC60, who spoke to Australia’s Drive.

Wallgren said “I don't see any problem using their knowledge.i think it is pretty applicable all over the board. You need to have a dialogue - you can exchange knowledge back an forth."

Regarding the Polestar brand, he noted it “is a brand that's going to be used - we are not going to let it sit there and do nothing. Sooner or later you will probably see something."

So basically we don’t really know if Polestar will directly collaborate with Lotus, but it certainly could - Lotus has, after all, put its name on many regular cars that have been fettled to go faster and there’s no reason for them to stop now, especially in the suspension department where they are world renowned.

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