Get a behind the scenes look at BMW testing new 8-Series coupe


It’s one of BMW’s hottest new cars in years

BMW has released a video detailing how it tested its new 8-Series coupe, as well as the entire philosophy behind the vehicle.

Let’s get actual technical details out of the way first – in the vide, Jos van As who is BMW’s head of application chassis, explains the 8-Series will only be available with all wheel drive. The next thing he says is that that the vehicle will get active roll stabilization (which he mentions is an optional extra), as well as all-wheel steering too.

With these and other pieces of tech, BMW assures us the 8-Series is both sporty and comfortable at the same time – the phrase “gentleman’s racer” is mentioned at one point and it all makes us brim with anticipation to drive this new flagship two-door from the Bavarian automaker. The 8-Series will be officially revealed June 15.

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