Guy cuts up Mercedes S-Class seat to see what’s inside

He wants to find out just what makes them so smart and comfortable

If you’ve been for a ride or drive in the latest Mercedes S-Class, one of the highlights of your experience probably must have been the level of comfort which is partly achieved through the seats. 

If said S-Class also came with the highest-spec seats, then you were also treated to excellent hot stone massage function which turns any journey into something akin to a spa experience - the only difference being not lying face-down.

What’s Inside channel traveled to Mercedes’ HQ in Stuttgart, Germany, to literally cut up a S-Class seats in order to see what makes them just so good. Yes, you heard that right: cut up some S-Class seats.

Inside the seats there’s nothing revolutionary going on - it’s just layers of foam and spoiler alert: the hot stone massage is not achieved with actual stones.

But the best part of the video is just seeing these uber expensive, cutting edge automotive seats being hacked up to get at their insides - an axe is even used at one point...

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