Handling the Aston Martin Vulcan looks like serious arm workout

On the track, to the limit that is

The V12-powered Vulcan has been the subject of many videos and reviews up until this point, but we've never had a close-up shot of Gaydon's supercar while driven hard on the track.

They say idle hands are the devil's playground, but you won't get that should you take the Aston Martin Vulcan on a circuit and push it hard.


In fact, your hands will look like a pair of very busy bees trying to keep the steering wheel – which is not a wheel anymore – in check.

However, that's to be expected from a rear-wheel drive monster that churns out 820 hp and generates enough downforce that theoretically, it can travel upside down.

But until we get to see that happening, here's the amount of involvement the Vulcan demands on the circuit.

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