Hennessey Performance puts the 2018 Dodge Demon through its paces

1/4 mile drag, dyno test and top speed run, for a full review

The guys at Hennessey Performance can up the power of your brand-new Dodge Demon to over 1000 hp, but first, they test the damn machine in all the usual ways

Nothing more entertaining than testing an 840-hp car to its limits. And because Hennessey Performance actually pushes these limits a lot with its tuning packages for the Demon, one of them bringing up to 1,500 hp and a lot of changes to match this huge amount of power, the stock car had to be tested thoroughly. So they started with a dyno test that brought up interesting things.

Then continued with a good old-fashioned quarter mile drag, but keep in mind that the car has less than 100 miles on it and they couldn't use its launch control with trans brake (available only after 500 miles). The test itself starts at the 2:50 mark with a spectacular burnout.

And, finally, they made a top speed run, reaching a top speed that shows why the $85,000 stock Demon is one of the most thrilling cars in 2018. Wonder what its top speed and especially its 0-60 time would be after Hennessey finishes working on it, though.

If you want to know how it is to live with the 840-hp Dodge Demon, check out Doug DeMuro's review.

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