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Here's a Bugatti Veyron that although cheaper, is still out of reach

What should it be? This, or a new Dacia Duster?

Alright, real Bugattis are the toys of the 1% and quite out of financial range for the rest of us. You'd also think Bugatti toys would be cheaper, but they're not.

Take this 1:8 scale Bugatti Veyron Vitesse for example, which costs no less than $15,000. That's the price tag for a brand new, well-equipped Dacia Duster SUV, to put things into perspective.

Aside the spicy price, this Veyron (and others like it) is built by Amalgam. According to Carscoops, they source CAD data straight from Bugatti and need 3,000 hours to design it and another 300 to assemble it.

The finite product is a shrunken Veyron fitted with an inside-out lighting system and a fully functional aero brake.

It's impressive, especially for something that most people see as a toy, but we think it's not. In fact, we'd look at it as an investment.

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