Here's a Demo of Tesla's Autopilot in Full Self-Driving Mode

Level 5 autonomous driving sample

Remember how the Terminator saw the world around him? Well, although the movie title is hopefully not getting a new continuation, it found a way inside Tesla's Autopilot brain. Sort of.

What you are about to see below is a glimpse at how the Autopilot perceives the world around it. The video was posted on Tesla's Instagram page, but there's also another reason we've brought you here.

View the world from a self-driving Tesla

A video posted by Tesla (@teslamotors) on

That's because Tesla released another video, way more comprehensive, which allows you to sample a fully-autonomous journey made by a Model X.

Of course, the human factor is clearly present for legal reasons, but the car can't be bothered. It just does what it was programmed to do: drive from A to B on its own, without the driver's input.

Elsewhere - on Twitter, to be more precise, Elon Musk confirmed that the Autopilot 8.1 software update is due in three weeks' time through the OTA (over the air) system.

A nice, but mostly useful Christmas treat for Model S and Model X owners, yet there's a catch. 

They won't get it all at once, but rather portioned and spread over an undetermined number of months, according to Musk's reply tweet. We'll leave with the video and the funky Benny Hill tune.

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