Here’s why you should treat your dog more carefully while driving


Travel safety for dogs has different solutions

There are many reasons dog-owning drivers prefer to let their dog pets loose in their cars but that comes with a withdrawal in terms of safety.

A Ford-commissioned survey shows that 1 in 3 dog owners don’t secure their pets, arguing that the pets did not like it, or the journey was too short for such a fuss. Of those who prefer to let their dogs loose in the car, some admitted being involved in accidents due to distractions from their pets.

ford-focus-dog-crate 2

In some cases, the pet jumped out the open window (sometimes with a tragical outcome) or it bit other occupants. We’d say that most probably it was the occupants’ fault, but that doesn’t change the fact that the driving is altered by a loose animal. Plus, in case of a crash — at 40 km/h, or 25 mph — the dog can develop projection forces that are 40 times its weight. That’s why the rear seat passengers (either human or animal) must be buckled up.

ford-focus-dog-crate 3

The safer, most comfortable solution is, of course, a dog crate, something that Ford encourages the dog-owners to acquire for their beloved animal friends. The car manufacturer even spent some resources into creating the best dog crate to suit its Focus wagon, as the clip below shows.

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