Honda Announces First N600 Ever Imported Into US Has Been Restored

It's a little piece of history... literally

The Honda N600 is a pocket-sized city car, basically a larger-engined version of the JDM N360. It was intended for overseas sales and the first one ever shipped abroad has been discovered and restored in the United States.

The car was found in a serendipitous manner, when an N600 specialist, Tim Mings of Merciless Mings, stumbled upon it and noticed its chassis number - hence its affectionate nickname “Serial One.” Now that he’s completed work on it, Honda has put out an official announcement to mark the occasion.

It also published a series of videos detailing the entire process, from the car being found to it being fully restored and put on display.

Alicia Jones, Honda social media manager, noted that “throughout the incredible journey of Honda's Serial One to a complete restoration, fans have been able to witness firsthand how meticulous the process has been to bring the first N600 in America back to its original form. Sharing the restoration process with car enthusiasts and Honda fans everywhere is what this program has been all about."

Scroll down for the videos.

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