Honda Reportedly Chopped Up a Ferrari 458 During NSX Development to See How It’s Made

Don’t worry, there was indeed purpose behind the deed

It’s no secret that Honda does like to peek over the fence at Ferrari and see what the Italians are doing (the look of the original NSX stands testament to that), but for the new NSX they reportedly bought a new Ferrari 458 and then cut it up to see its innards.

The information is not at all detailed, but Autocar says it can confirm it actually happened. The UK publication says the car was purchased at the start of the NSX’s development cycle, and used mainly for benchmarking.

However, when it was no longer required for this role, it was reportedly cut up into bits, put into bins so that its chassis construction technique could be analyzed.

The source goes on to say that that the Honda engineers who looked at the chassis were “quite impressed” with how Ferrari put it together.