How Much Power Do you Think This Supercharged V8-Swapped RV Has?

300 – 400hp? 500? Nope, more

Well, it has 900 hp thanks to a supercharged LS 409 crate engine by Wegner Motorsports and upgraded running gear, but you’d never-ever be able to tell what lurks underneath just by looking at its exterior. It works well too, as it was built by the Ringbrothers, a shop renowned for its high quality custom creations.

You can even take it corner carving, as it has a heavily side-bolstered seat that you won’t fall out of. The steering wheel retains its nearly horizontal standard position, but since you don’t have to mess around with shifting gears; all you have to do is turn the helm, work the pedals… and not crash.

This RV is unique in the way it blends unassuming looks with literal tire shredding power while at the same time featuring one of the coolest interiors you could possibly wish for. All seating options are finished in leather, there’s a lot of exposed, painted metal and there’s even a minibar in the back.