If that’s just a fifth of Devel Sixteen’s acceleration power, what happens at 100%?

devel sixteen hypercar

For now, we can only imagine

Right, we’re back at the Devel Sixteen topic thanks to a YouTube video that shows the Arab hypercar accelerating from a standstill in the desert.

On a patch of rather very well-maintained asphalt, the Devel Sixteen is filmed as it takes off and accelerates away at what the video’s title claims to be just 20% throttle on low boost.

Which begs the question: what should we expect during full throttle? Sure, there must be some sort of ultra-smart launch control system holding everything together.

But still, we’re talking about a hypercar that’s been trumpeted to pack 5,000 hp (no typo here) and is in theory capable of going beyond the 500 km/h (310 mph) top speed mark with the aid of a quad-turbo 12.3-liter V16 engine.

In any case, that’s a quite long first gear we’re hearing in the video below:

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