In Former Soviet Kazakhstan, Military Helicopter Pilots Ask Truckers For Directions

Which way is North?

Piloting a military helicopter in winter conditions is no small feat, especially if you're entering a snow storm. But how to ask for directions if everything is white around you?

Well, in the former Soviet republic of Kazakhstan, pilots are trained to do everything they can to navigate through difficult conditions. They have to be prepared if the GPS or GLONASS systems are down, and know how to find directions even if the usual landmarks are not visible anymore. Landing your helicopter and asking truckers for directions would not be on our list, but, hey, we're not in Kazakhstan either. Watch the strange encounter below.

By the way, we didn't manage to be sure what helicopter was that. Is it a Mil Mi-17, or is it something completely different? Who knows about choppers? Eh?

via Carscoops