Independent Designers Envision Next-Gen Rolls Royce Wraith

Even Rolls Royce would have something to learn from this design

Designing a believable fake Rolls Royce is a tricky task, yet this trio of Russian designers over on Behance pulled it off in the form of this next-gen-like Wraith. The vehicle genuinely looks like a slightly more futuristic and aggressive version of the current two-door and it’s about as believable an attempt as you would hope for from independent designers not affiliated with the company in any way.

It seems the goal was to make a more futuristic two-door Rolls to fit into the Dubai police force, which is why the car has the liveries that it does in the photos. However, in plain color form, you begin to appreciate just how much work has gone into creating it.

The only thing that for us gives it away is the pronounced coke bottle side profile, completely uncharacteristic for a modern Rolls. But since this tries to preview something from the very near future, and considering the fact that the brand has had many curvy cars in the past, maybe they will officially adopt something like this to make newer vehicles stand out from older ones.

We also appreciate the digital craftsmanship that has gone into the details; for instance creating those truly spectacular rear lights and their perfect bezels, or that little bit of metal that extends back from the front fenders and forms the door handle. They are as good as anybody (even Rolls) could hope to design them, at least to our eyes.

Credits: Vladimir Panchenko, Artem Smirnov, Sergiy Dvornytskyy