Infiniti QX30 Pricing for US Market Kicks off at Under $30,000

You can pay as much as $39,495 for a higher spec Sport model

Infiniti has high commercial hopes for its crossoverized version of the Q30, the QX30, a vehicle which just debuted on the US market. Pricing for the model starts at just under $30,000, although you still have to add $995 in destination fees.

The actual base price or a standard QX30 is therefor $30,945, although paying extra won’t get you any more power, as there’s just one engine on offer. It’s a 2.0-liter turbocharged gasoline unit that makes 208 hp and drives either the front or all four wheels if you choose to pay extra for the latter.

You will be able to order a QX30 in three different trim versions: QX30, QX30 Luxury, QX30 Premium.

The cheapest all-wheel drive QX30 starts from $35,395 (including destination); the feature is only available on Luxury or Premium trim level cars.

Optional features include a $500 wood trim package for the interior, 19-inch wheels for $800, a “Sport Leather Package” for $1,500 or premium paint for an additional $500.