Infiniti QX50 Concept Dresses to Impress in Detroit, Will Lobby for New VC-Turbo Engine

Finally, an attractive crossover proposal

It's not like the world needed another CUV, but at least Infiniti's QX50 concept does design like a boss.

Although a clogged segment, the midsize-crossover pool shows no shortage of dull representatives. Luckily, Infiniti blows some fresh air on the arid landscape of German design.

Hopefully, the production model will hold the better part of the concept's edges and proportions.

In other words, we're happy Infiniti's vision doesn't involve a brick-shaped vehicle, but rather a sleek reinterpretation.

Besides the looks, the QX50 prototype provides a platform for Infiniti's new 2.0-liter VC-Turbo gasoline engine that would energize a front-biased all-wheel drive setup.

The engine that got the industry talking last year with ambitious efficiency, power and emissions promises.

What the engine does, however, is it varies the compression ratio from 8:1 to 14:1 on the go, but no other figures are yet available, other than power and torque values: 268 hp and 288 lb-ft (390 Nm).

Expect the current 3.5-liter V6 to take a trip to the recycle bin once Infiniti gets the new engine's mojo going.