Is BMW M2 better than an Audi RS3 Quattro?

Classic RWD vs AWD battle ensues within

Choosing sides in the performance car segment is made all the more difficult by the age-old debate about which is better between a rear-wheel drive car and one with all-wheel drive.

When it comes to German performance motors, BMW and Mercedes represent the RWD side of things, while Audi is all about its Quattro all-wheel drive (even though in recent years the other two automakers have also embraced AWD on many models, at least as an option).

One major performance battle takes place quite low on the size scale, where the likes of BMW’s lively M2 takes on Audi’s grippy RS3 hatch. It’s the conclusion of this battle that Carfection wanted to set straight, which it did in the video comparo posted below.

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