Is This Custom 1962 Buick Special “Bu’Wicked” Worth $150,000?

We do think so

Take a 40-year-old bone stock Buick Special. Add ambition and pour a bucketload of technical know-how. Admire your muscle car gem.

Now, while we're not trying to mess with Mr. Betteridge's truism saying any headline that ends in a question mark can be answered and therefore tore apart by the word 'no', we do want to gauge your opinions on the mentioned price tag.

But before you vote, a brief background on the Bu'Wicked Buick Special.

According to Barrett-Jackson, Ted and Sue Richardson bought it in 2002 and teamed up with Hot Rod Fabrication's Ryan Butler to create "a sleek and drivable car with an awesome power plant and stance."

Come June 2003 the Buick Special featured a fuel-injected 455 cu in (yes, that's a 7.5-liter dragon of an engine flaming out 555 hp), 17-inch Budnik Arrowhead wheels, and Fiero bucket seats.

However, it's the attention to detail on both the inside and outside that got us flooding our keyboards.

The Bu'Wicked even made an appearance in Gran Turismo 4, which makes us ask again: would you dispense $150k to own it?