Is this Modified BMW M135i a match for the M2?

It has a power hike, uprated suspension and an all-important LSD at the back

BMW M135i is a go-to performance alternative for those for whom the M2 is just out of their price range, and if you invest some of the difference back into it, you can get pretty close to the Motorsport car.

Autocar has a long term test M135i in its fleet which it’s now modified in order to try to match the performance and experience provided by the much appreciated M2. It has upgraded springs and shocks, a power hike to 390 hp and a limited-slip differential at the back.

This transforms the car into something that is faster overall since it has more power and torque, but also feels very close to the M2. With the short-shift kit installed to reduce the shifter throw of the manual gearbox, the experience is very similar, and all pennies counted, and way cheaper than the M2.

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